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Inspiration Video for Music Producers Around The World with Antonio "SAT" Aka Fuzzheady of The Maniac Agenda 

Inspiration Video for Music Producers Around The World with Antonio "SAT" aka Fuzzheady of The Maniac Agenda
Post by Ralph Bunscuit

Music maniacs from all around the world! Today's blog post is very special as The Maniac Agenda's own Antonio "S.A.T." Gonzalez aka Fuzzheady  just released an inspiring new video for his solo effort in the Aloe Blacc and Kenneth Cole's BOLD producer contest with a soulful new EDM Hiphop Instrumental to pitch to the one and only soul artist Aloe Blacc.

Many of you may have heard…

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The Maniac Agenda's own Antonio S.A.T. releases new Remix! 

Antonio "S.A.T." of The Maniac Agenda had an official remix  of  "War in The Heavens" released on L.A. Based Sci-Fi Record Label World of Caellus. This release is under Antonio's new solo alias Ohmanac. This track is for people who enjoy orchestral sounds mixed with heavy bass music. This track is in a similar lane as The Maniac Agenda's popular Halo 4 Boss Battles remix, but with a more dubstep approach. Blogs have started catching on with great reviews and with half a millions plays on soundcloud this…Read more

Is This The End of Days? 

 Morning! I feel like with all the craziness in this past election that today is perfect day to release this new song "End of Days feat. Emily Coy" by The Maniac Agenda's Antonio "SAT"

"I wanted to make something kinda feel good hiphop. Think West coast like Good Day by Ice cube. You know something to just put in car and cruise too"

Give a listen and download it for free here:

The Top 3 Dos & Don't of Promoting Your Music Grassroots to Strangers on Social Media 

Artists struggling to get real plays and likes on your music? Here is are the 3 main things may are doing wrong and What you get do to start getting results in building supporters with people on your social networks.

We love to get your music and listen to it. We love to make new friend, but the reality is there is a right and a wrong way to go about promoting your stuff. If you struggle to get plays on your tracks, likes on your page, and build a fanbase of supporters. please check this list and see what…

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New Industrial - Dark Electronic - Experimental Triphop Bass Music Cover of Nirvana's Heat Shaped Box 


SAT of The Maniac Agenda aka Ohmanac Just got busy in the studio producing a raw, dark, and creepy bass music cover of Nirvana's Heart Shaped Box feat. the female vocals from Plush City's Lauren Stone. This remix cover brings a fresh "Modern Hybrid Triphop" sound to this classic. Perfect for Halloween DJ sets, soundtracks, or to send chills down your spine. We are giving the MP3 + Lossless Wav for Audiophiles

Download it HERE




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