The Maniac Agenda's own Antonio S.A.T. releases new Remix!

Antonio "S.A.T." of The Maniac Agenda had an official remix  of  "War in The Heavens" released on L.A. Based Sci-Fi Record Label World of Caellus. This release is under Antonio's new solo alias Ohmanac. This track is for people who…

Is This The End of Days?

 Morning! I feel like with all the craziness in this past election that today is perfect day to release this new song "End of Days feat. Emily Coy" by The Maniac Agenda's Antonio "SAT"

"I wanted to make something kinda…

6 New Music Genres You Need To Hear

6 New Music Genres You Need To Hear and some bonus songs

Fresh Music genres: They come and go, but give a lasting impression (or not). This is a look at what 2016 has to offer both in new…

How to EQ like the Pros Do!


Picture by simon wright

Here is a great guide to show you where the different frequency ranges are so you can make better choices when mixing your track. Feel Free to book mark this post…

10 Great Tips for Being a Professional Producer

10 Great Tips for Being a Professional Producer

Rihanna’s producer and Grammy award winner Brian Kennedy shares his top 10 music producing secrets.


As far as production goes, the top of the mountain belongs to the…

Awesome Graphic To Help Mix Your Music!

Hey Guys I wanted to share this with you as this graphic shows a lot of useful mixing information all in one graphic. I hope this helps your mixing!

- Antonio/The Maniac Agenda


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4 Production Tools to Refresh Your Workflow

4 Production Tools to Refresh Your Workflow

We regularly cross paths with amazing people doing incredible things in the music industry, and when we do, we love to spread the word. Check out these tools that will liven up…

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