Maniac Agenda Kicks Off Brand New Production Pack Store!

Hello Music Maniac!

Many of you know in addition to being producers ourselves we, The Maniac Agenda, create and supply you with high quality presets, Royalty-Free samples, and more to inspire your own creations.  We thought it would be a…

How to get your music played by DJs

Hey Guys - We are still working on our new Production Pack Dropping in a few days so wanted to add some value to your lives with this great interview article: 

Want DJs to support your productions? Follow our dos …

How to Choose an Audio Interface

In a world without tape, the audio interface has become the gateway to preserving sound for many people. Having your inputs, outputs, and conversion in one small box provides a cost effective alternative to discrete units. However, with such a…

Recording Vocals Professionally in a Home Studio

Recording Vocals Professionally in a Home Studio

The problem with recording vocals in a professional or home studio is… Well, just that… The act of recording vocals.

There is nothing natural about it. The human voice is the most…

5 Ways to Write Better Songs For SCORING Film and TV Placements

5 Songwriting Tips For SCORING Film and TV Placements 
Many of the traditional income streams for Songwriters and Independent artists have changed along with an evolving New Music Industry landscape.
Today, one of the most substantial and DESIRED income streams…

3 FREE Drumkits from LoopMasters!

Niche Audio is a new label at Loopmasters delivering Maschine and Ableton Live expansion packs in contemporary styles and genres.

Currently Niche Audio have released 3 sample packs at Loopmasters and now they are offering 1 full kit of 16…