Free Mixing Guide using iZotope Plug-ins and More

Hey Music Maniacs,

I was surfing the internet zoning out  when BAM it hit me like a  tornado propelled bumble bee crashing into earth, disrupting the compose of my mind, leaving me dazed by the powerful force as I stumbled…Read more

An Introduction to Mastering Tutorial With Ozone 5

Hey Music Maniacs,

Now lets get into a Quick Mastering Tutorial using Ozone 5.

iZotope's Ozone Advanced 5 is perfect for mastering your own tracks, especially if you're on a reasonably tight budget. In this screencast tutorial we'll have a…Read more

5 New Music Genres You Need To Hear in 2015

5 New Music Genres You Need To Hear in 2015​

Music genres: you can't live with them, can't live without them. Whether you're writing about music or describing a band to your friend who's slowly adopting that patient-but-definitely-not-getting-it expression, then…