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Welcome! Glad you came out to the Fuzz Heady sesh! Please make yourself at home in my humble webpage.

My page here is temporary as my official website is being built. I launched this Fuzz Heady music project low-key a few days ago so if you found your way here, then you are at the ground level of something groundbreaking - Plus this means you get to brag to all your friends you heard it FIRST, because you are freaking cool like that you hip sound selecta.

I wanted to make this Fuzz Heady project for you. As some of you may know, my brothers and myself are producers who formed The Maniac Agenda  and often times work individually on projects so getting us together to release original music takes a while to get everyone's schedule to line up. When we do amazing things happen like The Metal Gear Rising OST, Halo 4 Remix, and other Remixes. I wanted to build off this momentum with a fresh original sound.

Fuzz Heady formed because I wanted to express my creativity in a fun way where I could release original music more consistently, collaborate with YOU,  and create some amazing experiences together. Plus Help you find love, feed you and your friends, and have you and your 3rd eye vibing like its 1999.....from your bedroom and beyond.

Currently, I'm still recording my debut EP entitled "The Colours Outside The Lines," but I wanted to give you something special on this visit. Call it sort of a Pre-release so you can have a little bit of a feel for where the sound of this project is going. You can download "Everytime" in exchange for an email below.

According to The Random Music Inc. Blog: 

"Fuzz Heady is where psychedelic stoner rock meets modern electronic music over PHAT beats"  - The Random Music Blog 

I like to think of this project as an open source that pulls inspiration from the likes of Pretty Lights, The Queens of The Stone Age, Flume, Celldweller, The Disco Biscuits, STS9, Portishead, The Chemical Brothers, The Maniac Agenda, Skrillex, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Bassnectar, Gramatik, Rob Dougan, Sublime, The Beatles, Aphex Twin, and Infected Mushroom. 


I need your help right now: 

Since I am starting this project from scratch, I need a way to best communicate with you so can let you know of developments and opportunities for you to get involved and get the most out of this experience so if you can please take a moment to follow me on the social network below that you are most active on (or all of them if you are Lit for the cause like a badass cybernetic space cheetah) and Join the #Fuzzcvlt email list below (don't worry we don't spam you or sell your info to the dark side only the dankest stuff from me directly to you) 

I plan on having some unique contests, cryptocurrency prizesremix opportunities, events, games, mysteries, collaborations, and more coming in the future!

See you on the other side! AWESOME SAUCE! 

Sincerely Your Imaginary Homie,
Fuzz Heady 

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